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Founded in 1995, Será o Benedito is the first brand in Brazil to create a fusion of the latest world fashion and design trends with a concern for sustainable action and practices, overcoming one of the biggest challenges in this area and becoming one of the most acclaimed sustainable fashion and home furnishings brand in Brazil.
Our products are made of upcycled materials like truck tarp and jeans. We don´t use animal originated products.
Photo by Tina Leme
Será o Benedito - loosely translated as Would it be Benedict? -  is a Brazilian expression that denotes a situation of amazement or surprise.

Photo by Vidal Cavalcante

Truck Tarp - is the heavy duty tarp (canvas) that trucks in Brazil use to cover the goods carried in their bodies. The re-used truck tarp is our signature material.

Since 1995, Será O Benedito has been upcycling truck tarp to make fashion and home decor items. We are the first fashion and decor brand in Brazil to produce sustainable and yet stylish products.

Please have a look at our products for men and women and also our decor and home furnishing items.

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